Life is Hard

imageA husband had a doctor’s appointment and asked his wife to accompany him.

After the doctor thoroughly examined the husband, the doctor and wife went to wait outside the examination room while the husband got dressed.

The doctor said to the wife, “Your husband has a life-threatening illness that needs special treatment and if he doesn’t get it, he could die”.

The wife replied, “What is it? What can I can do to help my husband recover?”

The doctor said:

1. Every day you must make him a good breakfast and send him off to work in a pleasant frame of mind.

2. Fix him a healthy lunch, when he comes home at noon and give him lots of peace and quiet. Then send him back to work in a happy frame of mind.

3. When he comes home at night, have a wonderful meal already prepared with all of his favorite foods. Don’t ever ask him to help with household chores and don’t complain or upset him in any way.

4. Finally, make sure that he is sexually satisfied several times a week.

When the husband and wife were driving home, the husband turned to his  wife and asked, “What did the doctor say to you about my check-up?”

"You’re gonna die", she replied.

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